Friday, February 18, 2011

You Need a Real Estate Professional Now More Than Ever

You Need Real Estate Professionals Now More Than Ever!

I was reading a study done in February in by MRIS, about the importance of using a Real Estate Agent for there next home purchase. MRIS surveyed 300 recent home buyers and sellers in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Out of the 300 respondents 53% said that having a real estate agent is more important now that it was a few years ago where 42% said that it is just as important and only 5% of the 300 respondents said that it is less important. That is 95% of buyers and sellers believe that they should have a realtor involved in there purchase transactions.

Within the study they looked at the most valued qualities that consumers look for when choosing a real estate agent.

1. Trustworthiness 75%
2. Experience in buying and selling 72%
3. Willingness to look out for their best interest 71%
4. Expertise in negotiating contracts 63%
5. Responsiveness 62%
6. Familiarity with real estate contracts and legal documents 61%
7. Knowledge of local community 56%

If I was a real estate agent this information would be my focal point in my marketing efforts. As long as I possessed those qualities!

48% almost half of consumers found their agent through a referral
Helpful hint #1 – Stay in touch with past clients!

35% over a third of consumers found their agent on the web
Helpful Hint #2 – Get on line and become a presence!

Check on the Study!

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