Monday, October 31, 2016

Maryland Title Insurance Company - A Consumer Information Guide

Maryland buyers should shop and compare title insurance agencies.

If you are buying real estate property in Maryland you can potentially save big money by shopping around for real estate settlement and title insurance related services.  Fees for services may vary from provider to provider more significantly than many realize.  Take the time to educate yourself on what a title agent/agency does, what your options are regarding insurance coverages, fees and other add on charges.  
Learn about your right to choose and compare title insurance and services costs.

Excalibur is one agency in Maryland focused on providing services at lower cost to consumers.  There is no problem contacting an agency like Excalibur to obtain a free quote for title fees and insurance costs.  There are many agencies offering affordable fees for real estate settlements in Maryland but likewise there are also some who are priced much higher for similar services including but not limited to these examples: title insurance, commitment, recording, title exam, closing, settlement, deeds and title search. Excalibur Title and Escrow provides residential and commercial services throughout the entire state of Maryland and will conduct mobile settlements at the convenient location of your choice. They have offices in Hagerstown, Frederick and Gaithersburg and are happy to audition for the opportunity to serve you by providing free written quotes and cost estimates.  Please take the time to shop and compare.  It's in your best interest to do some due diligence and not just follow blindly the advice of your lender, realtor or other industry professional.  Some lenders and real estate professionals have affiliations or ownership interest in title companies so there may be a presumed conflict of interest.  Ask your realtor or lender if they have any affiliation with the title agency they recommend you to use.  We are advocating for consumer choice, selection and freedom.  Take control of your next real estate settlement by selecting an experienced, affordable, professional title agency.  

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